Generative AI (GenAI) is a disruptive technology that allows content (such as text or images) to be created from a prompt (a request). For example, GitHub Copilot can generate functions and snippets of code by reading a developer’s comment and suggesting appropriate code to the developer.

We have been exploring the pedagogical impact and opportunities of integrating GenAI into computing education. Through some initial interviews with professional developers, we explored how industry professionals are currently using GenAI (where company policies allow) [1], and discussed potential impacts on how to learn to become a professional programmer. Further work is planned to explore student experiences and design of technologies to better support pedagogically appropriate integration of GenAI into student courses.


  1. Christopher Bull and Ahmed Kharrufa. Generative AI Assistants in Software Development Education: A vision for integrating Generative AI into educational practice, not instinctively defending against it. IEEE Software. | DOI | arXiv